F-Gas Control

F-Gas Control

F-GAS: togheter to stop the climate change

F-gases or refrigerated gases, also called f-gas, are used in the refrigeration unit, air conditioners and heat pumps. They are considered to be powerful greenhouse gases and have a significant impact on our climate, our planet and our health. For this reason, they have been regulated by European Union: in 2014 the “greenhouse f-gas regulation” became law which regulates the use of these components also in the refrigerated transport.


What are the obligations introduced by the Regulation?

  • The operators who own refrigeration units installed on trucks (with a mass greater than 3.5 tons) and on semi-trailers are required to carry out periodic leak checks. The frequency of checks depends on the “tons of CO2 equivalent” related to the refrigerated used. The checks need to be carried out by certified technical personnel.
  • It has to berecorded all the activities in the plant Registry (installation, repairs, periodic checks, dismantling, etc.). These records must be kept for 5 years.

Another fundamental step in this area was marked in 2019 when the Data Bank managed by the Chambers of Commerce was established.
Companies (certified and uncertified) and certificated personnel must access to the Data Bank to communicate information on the sales of fluorinated gases, equipment, installation activities, maintenance, repair, control and dismantling of plants containing F-gas.

From January 17th, 2020, a further Legislative Decree has entered into force which imposes important sanctions against the subject that do not respect the obligations.

The surveillance and assessment activity are entrusted to the Carabinieri Command for Environmental Protection (CCTA), ISPRA, ARPA, the Customs Agency, Officers and Judicial Police Agents.


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