Blue Track Program


Thermo King Blue Track Assistance

Blue Track, a brand new Thermo King assistance service since 2020, is the customer-oriented service program. It is a set of technical skills, connectivity, data analysis that allow you to maximize the operational efficiency of the refrigeration units.

thermo king blue track assistance

Punctuality and professionality

The Blue Track program combines all the services that have always been the heart at Thermo King. In real time, our operators will support the control and care of the fleet:

  • Constant communication between client and dealer: you will always be in contact with us, you will receive regular and precise updates via e-mail during each intervention, reminders and notifications regarding the work completion status
  • Monitoring, control, vehicles visibility to optimize the refrigerated fleet activity: through data analysis provided by Tracking™ system, you will receive remote assistance to reduce the period of inactivity of the vehicles and to better react to the appearance of alarm codes.
  • Mobile and dealership predictive maintenance to maximize the unit efficiency
  • 24/7 assistance at the nearest Thermo King Blue Track centre in case of emergencies and unexpected intervention. Goal: to minimize downtime.

A simple management

For the activation of our remote temperature control solutions, there are two possible options:

  1. Advancer Unit and SLXi: direct activation of Blue Box TK.
    The Blue Box is already integrated on SLXi units and it will take 4 simple steps to active it and to benefit of the connected solutions
  2. Other TK units: retrofit of the Blue Box TK.
    For others TK units, it is possible to install the Blue Box TK through retrofit and take advantages of all the features of the Connected Solutions.

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