Spare parts

Spare parts

Thermo King spare parts

Our Spare Parts Warehouse handle the coding, handling and shipping of Thermo King spare parts.
In fact, the direct relationship with the parent company allows us to trace the codes of all Thermo King spare parts and satisfy any needs in a very short time.
Service and features of our Spare Parts Warehouse:

  • Immediate availability of more than 10.000 spare parts
  • Parts warranty up to 24 months
  • Thermo King original and refurbished parts
  • Understanding of your business needs
  • Support of our assistance of our service network locally, nationally and internationally
thermo king parts

Genuine Replacement

The direct relationship with Thermo King allows us to have constant availability of parts in order to renew your refrigeration vehicle in a simple way when needed. We replace old or non-functional components at a lower price and quickly.

Refurbished spare parts

We also offer “refurbished” spare parts: Thermo King refurbished parts that are the same quality as new, but at an affordable cost.

For information related on spare parts availability, quotation and parts orders send an e-mail to: