Connected solutions


Thermo King connected solutions

Thermo King connected solutions system is a set of innovative technologies designed to make the best use of data and information: thanks to these tools you can remotely monitor the temperature of your load and always be connected with your fleet.

thermo king connected solutions



Tracking, is the Thermo King system based on GPRS/GPS, offers optimal fleet management: directly from your computer or your smartphone, you can monitor fundamental data such as the temperature on the load, the set point, the location and alarms.
What are the main features of the system?

  • Multilingual web interface
  • Complete data management of the unit and load
  • Temperature management
  • Exponential operational efficiency
  • Reduction of errors and losses
  • Direct connection to Thermo KIng control system and data logger
  • Fuel monitoring and its consumptions
  • Optimisation of the consumption based on the trip (Remote Optiset Plus)

Through the tracking platform you can monitor your fleet, know where your vehicles are, if they are moving or they are stopped, knowing the alarms activated and act consequently, for a total control of your fleet.
You can access to the TracKing system through the PC platform or through the relative App TK Notify.


Thermo King has created a tool that can enable the remote Bluetooth® connectivity with your vehicle. In this way you will be able to monitor the temperature of the load constantly directly from your vehicle cabin.
Through the free app TK REEFER, you will have the possibility tomanage the unite remotely in order to:

  • Turn on and turn off the unit
  • Change the set point
  • Start defrosting
  • Carry out the pre-trip
  • Clear the alarms
  • Set the continuous mode
  • Set the Cycle-Sentry mode.

Touchlog printer

The Thermo King’s ToughLog acquires and prints data temperature for refrigeration transport vehicles. It is comfortable, intuitive and guarantees a flexible download and a fast printing:

  • Intuitive touchscreen for fast, icon-based navigation
  • Mini USB port for exporting digital copies of tickets (.pdf/.txt)
  • High speed thermal printer for tabular and graphic printing
  • Large flash memory for storing at least 1 year of data
  • Up to 3 serial communication ports (RS232/RS458)
  • It can be connected to any DAS or CargoWatch data logger
  • Uniform printed information with the operation of the refrigerated vehicles
  • The delivery ticket shows the date and time of the start of the trip, the indication of the date and time of printing, the reference point of the unit and temperature readings of the data logger sensor (up to 6)
  • TouchLog includes 2 operating models: printing based on the time or on the start of the journey.