Advancer: Money-back guarantee on fuel saving

Money-back guarantee on fuel saving

If Advancer doesn’t meet its fuel-saving target after year 1
,we’ll pick up the bill


Our promises on fuel consumption

Do you transport mostly fresh or frozen goods? How long do you run your
unit over the course of a year? What mode do you operate your unit – continuous or cycle-sentry?
Well, all these factors will impact your total savings with Advancer. As Thermo King dealer we can make a detailed calculation of your total fuel consumption tailored on your specific needs. Let’s see how and why.

Advancer, the new landmark in trailer refrigeration

Advancer, our latest trailer refrigerated unit, present a wide array of advantages – including many industry – firsts like fully variable airflow independent from the engine, thefastest pulldown on the market, and unprecedented fuel-efficiency.

Advancer is up to 30% more fuel-efficient than its predecessor. And that’s something we’d like to display – especially in ourA-400 and A-500 models.

Thanks to our electronic engine speed control (Eco Governor), you’ll get insights into fuel consumption – for the first time in the industry. We will use your input to calculate expected fuel saving of your refrigeration unit over 12 months of operation. If the fuel saved does not meet the expected saving, Thermo King will pay you back the difference.

Advancer: pay-back guarantee, return on investment

The incremental investment for acquiring an Advancer unit pays for itself and starts saving you money in no time. Thanks to fuel saving, additional uptime, and connectivity as a standard.

Do you want to know how much could you save with Advancer? In 3 easy steps is possible to get an estimated amount, exclusively based on the fuel-saving.

  2. Input your total fuel consumption in a year
  3. Find out how much can you save with Advancer


Keep in mind that this is an estimation, there are also other factor that can impact on the final overall saving: to obtain the correct amount of money saved for the pay-back guarantee, contact us!

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